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    My Buddies Dad (updated)

    So many thoughts are running thru my head that it’s impossible to know what to write out.  That he’s had a full life and that God has blessed him with days far past what the doctors have ever thought.  That God’s mercy has allowed him …

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  • On Hawkings

    Albert Mohler has an interesting post on Stephen Hawkings. I was particularly caught by a comment from Hawkings. “We are such insignificant creatures on a minor planet of a very average star on the outer suburbs of one of a hundred thousand million galaxies. So …

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  • Conversations With My Friends

    These are simply some thoughts that have come to mind over the past 12 hours thru conversations I’ve had with brothers who share the same particular burden of sin that I do. Friend: I feel like I’m waiting for the ship to come and it …

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  • Fasting

    Joel 2:12-13 12 “Even now,” declares the LORD,        “return to me with all your heart,        with fasting and weeping and mourning.” 13 Rend your heart        and not your garments.        Return to the LORD your God,        for he is gracious and …

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  • Sanctification

    Is my leaning out over the chasm of the unknown, arm outstretched in desperation that you too will reach out for me.  And trapped within this death defying, single act, all the concerns of this life vanish. May my desperation never end.

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